How to Find and Hire Top Tech Talent for Your Startup

How to Find and Hire Top Tech Talent for Your Startup

Finding the right person for a job position is rarely easy. Nearly seven in ten employers reported difficulty finding skilled candidates in 2019, and the situation is only getting worse. The hunt gets even more challenging if you’re trying to hire software engineers with the current tech talent shortage.

The bottom line? If you’re looking for tech talent, you should be ready to compete. And if you’re a startup working on a budget, this can be a huge challenge.

The good news is that with the right hiring strategy, you can overcome the main obstacles and land employees who’ll propel your young company to new heights.

Let’s get you started.

Five steps to take before you start looking for tech talents

steps before hiring tech talents

You can set yourself up for success before you even start your search by following a few simple steps.

Define your product

As a young company, you may not have the budget to offer high salaries. You can make up for this by pitching a project that will attract passionate employees.

Begin by clearly defining the product you’re building. Explain the ‘why’ behind the project, describe your target market, and show the benefit you’re bringing to your customers. Also, be ready to explain why you need to find programmers and show your candidates the kind of exciting contribution they’ll be making.

Build your online reputation

Purpose-driven companies tend to have highly engaged employees. As a result, attracting the right people begins with communicating your startup’s vision and values.

You need more than a persuasive job posting. Interested candidates tend to check out a company’s website, social media accounts, and online presence, so make sure your digital assets are an accurate representation of what your startup is about.

Focus on talent, not convenience

When you’re a startup on a tight budget, it’s easy to focus more on salary rather than talent. But this can prove costly in the long run: just imagine how much sub-par talent could delay your project’s success or how much you’ll pay to lay off unsuitable staff. The success of your startup hinges on effective execution, and you need the right people to make that happen.

Fortunately, you can still hire top-notch talent on a budget. The key is to find programmers who are passionate about your purpose as a company. Get them on board with a compelling vision and mission, and clarify your plans by asking yourself a few simple questions.

Who will help you find talent?

Since finding the right talent is so important, you’ll need to seek the help of professionals. You can either use an in-house recruiter or hire a remote recruitment agency to get the job done.

Using in-house recruitment means your recruiter(s) are already well-versed with your culture and hiring needs. On the other hand, a recruitment agency lets you tap into the expertise of an external organization and quickly hire developers without breaking the bank.

Do you need an in-house developer, remote specialist, or freelancer?

You also need to decide on the work arrangement that you prefer.

Working with an in-house development team is the best arrangement if you prefer constant face-to-face communication. It also offers greater control: with in-house developers working solely for your company, you won’t have to compete with other companies for their attention.

On the other hand, outsourcing work to remote specialists lets you combine full-time, part-time, and on-demand tech specialists. You can put together a team that’s just right for your project. This usually results in greater savings and faster results, so it’s perfect for startups that need to scale fast.

Finally, freelancers are your best option if you need experts to help you out with a small-scale or short-term project. You may reach out to contractors who can work on a specific part of the project for a limited time.

What’s your budget for the position?

Keep in mind that the budget for your position goes beyond just the salary. You need to consider whether your arrangement requires overtime compensation, paid leave, healthcare, and other benefits. If you’re hiring for in-house work, you’ll also need to account for office space, supplies, and equipment.

What skills do you need?

You need to have a clear picture of the type of developer you’re looking for. This may not be easy if you’re not a techie and terms like Python, ReactJS, and Clojure aren’t part of your daily vocabulary.

To get the best chances of hitting the mark, work with knowledgeable colleagues or consultants to create a detailed job description. Recruitment agencies that specialize in hiring tech talent often have a system in place to test candidates and ensure they have the right skills and qualifications.

Be creative with your job ads

creative job ads for tech hiring

Startups need creative ideas to flourish, and this applies to job ads too. Adding a creative touch to your ads will help attract the right people. Keep an eye out for trendy ads from bigger companies, and don’t be afraid to use similar ideas to help your ad stand out.

Get to it!

Now that you know the type of tech specialist you’re looking for, the budget for the position, and the kind of work arrangement you prefer, it’s time to get down to your actual search.

Next question: where to find programmers?

Where to find top tech talents?

where to find top tech candidates

Unfortunately, first-rate tech talent doesn’t come knocking at your door. Talent sourcing is different from regular recruitment: you have to go actively looking for the right people. This involves scouring platforms and then researching potential hires and building connections with them.

Here’s how to get started.

Check freelancing platforms

Need a developer to work on a single project? Freelancing platforms are the best place to find candidates. You can find programmers for just about every area of expertise and be up and running in no time. What’s more, you can easily part ways with them once the project is finished.

Find programmers in student competitions

Contests might seem like a strange place to look, but you can sometimes come up trumps with a great candidate. Talented software engineering students are always eager to show people what they can do, and as they’re young and idealistic, they can be an excellent fit for a startup culture. What’s more, they don’t require high salaries or expensive employee benefits.

Use job boards

This is an obvious one, but it’s probably the fastest solution when you want to find candidates with a clearly defined skill set. There are even platforms that are made especially for startups, such as AngelList, TechinAsia, and GitHub. These can connect you with developers who are looking for work, and you may even be able to access their CVs and portfolios.

Engage in social networking

You’ll also find programmers gathering on social media. Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin are a hotbed for talent.

Try identifying and then joining the Facebook groups where your ideal candidates hang out. You can join online conversations or take the straightforward route and post about your job search. Using popular hashtags like #hiringdevelopers will make your post easy to find through search.

Work with a remote recruitment agency

Established agencies like MagicHire will find a candidate who not only meets your job requirements but also fits right into your unique startup culture.

Recruitment specialists spend a lot of time honing their hiring strategy and building connections, so they can easily tap into their talent pool to meet your needs. Moreover, they can connect you with remote software developers from all over the world. You can count on them to help you find developers for a startup who are perfect for your open position(s) and your budget.

Spend time in discussion communities

Professionals like to share their insights or showcase their expertise in online communities like Reddit and Quora. Just as with social media hunting, you can ask a question to catch people’s attention, or search existing threads and channels to see who’s posting about topics relevant to your job.

Find top talent for your startup with MagicHire

If you’re running a startup or small tech company, you’ve already got a lot on your plate. If you don't want to add a lengthy talent search to your to-dos, MagicHire is here for you. We’ll help you find, assess, and select the best candidates for mid-level and senior tech roles. If you’d rather see some numbers:

- We have over six years of expertise in tech recruitment.

- Our team has successfully filled over 350 vacancies.

- 98% of our clients return to find new people.

Sounds good?  Take a look around the MagicHire website to see our services and testimonials, or drop us a line.

Summing up

Finding new employees is not as easy as it seems, especially if you are wondering how to hire a software developer. Since the need for tech specialists outweighs the supply, you need a compelling company vision and online presence to attract the best candidates. You also need to know where to look for top-notch talent. The process requires time and expertise, which is where a reliable recruitment specialist can help.

Contact us at MagicHire to speed up your hiring process starting today!

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